Boat Insurance Review 2017 – Article by Keven Curan of All Things Boat

“Blue Water Yacht Insurance, Inc. is a favorite for the long distance, international cruisers. If you’re planning to sail around the world or perhaps spend a few years in Polynesia, put in a call to Blue Water Yacht. They cover a niche market in that they offer coverage for transatlantic passages, Panama Canal crossing, Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, South Pacific, East and West Coast USA, Gulf of Mexico, Canada and Alaska. Their policies also allow for single-hand sailing (with restrictions) and they offer policies for captain chartering. They generally allow coverage for passages with just 2 crew members. This is suited for a husband and wife team.

Blue Water Yacht Insurance, Inc. is located in Jupiter, Florida. They are backed by A+ rated underwriters including Lloyd’s of London.

Incidentally, international cruisers should be prepared for extra demands from insurance companies prior to agreeing on a policy. For example, it’s common for Caribbean Cruisers to be asked for provide a rigging inspection, as tropical storms can often topple a mast and boom off a poorly rigged boat. Also, as you may imagine, sailing around the world requires considerable skill and experience. You will receive much more scrutiny regarding your skill level when applying for a worldwide policy via Blue Water…..” -Kevin Curan

Here is a link to the full article where Blue Water Yacht is featured on comparing boat insurance by Kevin Curan. To read the full article, click here.

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